• Legal and contractual audit of the annual and consolidated accounts,
  • Special assignments : Contribution in kind, liquidation, dividend distribution, merger, etc.,
  • Statutory audit (Commissariat).

Artemis Audit & Advisory conducts legal/contractual audit of annual and consolidated accounts, prepared in accordance to the Luxembourg GAAP and/or IFRS.

In addition to a sound knowledge of Luxembourg GAAP and IFRS, our professionals have a strong expertise in conducting special assignments  such as contributions in kind, liquidations, dividend distributions, mergers, splits and conversions . 

Artemis Audit & Advisory acts also as Commissaire*.

* With respect to small entities, as per the size criteria stated by the Law on Commercial Companies, our engagement exceeds the simple  issuance of a conformity certificate of the accounts to the accounting records and includes a control approach in line with the requirements of sound corporate governance.